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Pricing FAQs


What counts as a query?
A query is an API Request to the Inference endpoint on a specific book artifact. This includes queries sent from the Playground. Other API requests (such as compiling a book) are free of charge.
What happens when I run out of included queries?
If you are on a paid plan, additional queries will be counted and billed at the end of your billing period at the rate specified in your plan or contract. For example, if you sent 5004 queries under the Standard Plan, you will be charged an additional (4 x $0.01) = $0.04 at the end of your billing period.
What does rate limit mean?
Each account can make up to a certain number of API Requests per minute, depending on your plan or contract. When exceeded, the API will return a 429 HTTP Error (Too Many Requests). Enterprise Plan customers can request a limit increase by contacting their account representative.
Can I have multiple books under the same plan?
Yes, you can query multiple books under the same plan.

Billing & Refunds

Can I cancel my plan at any time?
Customers under the Standard plan can cancel their subscription at any time, as long as they pay in full the remaining balance of additional queries for their current billing period.
Can I get a refund?
We do not offer refunds at the moment. To prevent being charged at the end of your billing period, you must cancel your subscription before it renews.
Do you accept Purchase Orders?
Yes, please contact our sales team.


Is support included under my plan?
We do not offer support under the Community nor Standard plans. If you are experiencing issues with the API or have questions, please reach out on the Slack Community.
Can you provide help building our books?
Yes, please contact our sales team.

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